Fry up some Punk and Southern Rock'n'Roll, smother it in a healthy ladel of Stoner Rock, and pepper in the wry Country sarcasm that can only be found in the dimmest, smokiest highway honky tonks, and the resulting truckstop delicacy might look and taste just like Smoker Dad. Simultaneously as warm and familiar as your favorite six-pack of cheap beer and as edgy and powerful as a 70s Trans Am with all the bells and whistles, Seattle's Smoker Dad harkens to simpler days, while flooring it into the heart of the 21st Century. You gotta see 'em to believe 'em, and even then you might not buy a word they say... but you're gonna love 'em anyway!

“Rock ‘n’ roll, smoke a bowl.” That’s the motto of Seattle-based 6-piece Smoker Dad, which gives you an idea of what to expect (if the band name didn’t already). The cover photo of their self-titled debut album shows that they also have a tasteful sense of humor. More importantly though: Trevor Conway (vocals, guitar), Chris King (vocals, keys), Teagen Conway (guitar, vocals), Chris Costalupes (pedal steels, guitar, tambourine), Derek Luther (bass, vocals), and Adam Knowles (drums) know how to play Southern fried rock music. The ten songs here – nine originals, one cover (Ron Pederson’s Puget Sound) – are loud, fast, raucous and dirty, as it should be. Smoker Dad rocks hard, but always with a sense of melody – swinging guitar riffs and powerful vocals – that will make you dance like crazy.” - Dennis